Friday, 30 September 2011

MALIBAL VEDA Series Review, Specs and Price


See MALIBAL series laptop is a slot machine and high-quality, built by Clevo X8100. The Intel Core i7 processor, dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285M graphics cards in SLI mode, up to three internal hard drives beautifully and 18.4, 1080p, notebook case ... The speed is intended. In this article we will see how it stacks against the competition, and deserves a great price.

A careful reader may note that from time to time MALIBAL See Clevo notebook X8100 hardware upgrade of older people M980NU Clevo is based. Taking into account that shares the same disk as some changes to the content of the previous analysis of the book Clevo.

Clevo X8100 has a nice glossy screen and keyboard. The surfaces are completely flat, cover with scratch-resistant layer of colored plastic. Cover the screen is metallic gray with tribal logo focuses on light and black on top. The blue logo in a higher level, but the color of the backlight by pressing the control panel, digital media can be changed. Inside the shiny black base color, play with the media keys and touchpad. In comparison with the systems we have seen other games, Clevo X8100 is a very elegant look.

Build quality is excellent and a big step from previous models such as the D900F. Plastic feels stiff, barely moving, if you wear a giant. Mirror surfaces are scratch resistant and keeps the laptop is very clear in time. The hinges have a 18.4 inch screen, you feel strong and durable to be meandering to a minimum. When closed, the flap closed under spring tension to hold only with regard to the elevator, if implemented will help to build furniture. Flex has been given some small palm rest and keyboard, but with larger notebooks, it is not uncommon.

In all parts to update users' laptops are easily available through three albums. The larger panel on the back of the laptop CPU and two graphics cards, mini-PCIe slot open. Two small marks on the battery, memory, hard drives and floppy disks to detect. Will not void your warranty if after the removal of stickers in this book.


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