Friday, 30 September 2011

Toshiba Tecra R840-11E Price, Specs and Features

Toshiba Tecra R840-11E

Toshiba Expands Tecra notebook family business promises R840-11F, mobility and performance. Tecra R840-11E with i5 2520m, integrated graphics and HD 3000 320 GB traditional hard drive is more expensive than € 1,349.

Toshiba wants to demanding customers in the business world, smart and tough to deal with the Tecra notebook R840-11E. The functions of almost 2 kg lighter notebook Intel Core i5-2520m, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 320GB hard drive, 14-inch screen, a maximum resolution of 1366x768 pixels to display glare. The processor is equipped with an HD 3000 graphics is used for graphics. Borrows the required video RAM memory is installed. This graphics solution is more than enough to screen 14 inches wide and office work.

In addition, WLAN 802.11 b / g / n latest Bluetooth (3.0 + HS), Tecra R840-11E also provides high-speed 3G cellular functions, the port replicator (docking port) and an ExpressCard slot (34 mm). The Toshiba Tecra R840-11E is € 1349.

In addition to the model R840-11F Tecra, Toshiba, other models of the hardware configuration available: R840-109 (i5 2520m, 6450m AMD Radeon), R840-116 (Core i7-2620m, 6450m AMD Radeon HD), R840 - 128 (i5- 2410M, Intel HD 3000 graphics processor) and R840-14F (2310 m i3, Intel Graphics HD 3000). Prices vary from the road by 1000 € to 2000 € to previous models.

Intel Core i5 2520m with a 2.5 GHz base clock, its role in the Tecra R840-11E. The individual cores can be increased up to 3.2 GHz with Turbo Boost. However, this is done automatically. We can not intervene. Intel HD 3000 graphics processor on the Tecra R840-11E is used directly integrated with the CPU and supports DirectX 10 In addition, Intel HD 3000 is back in the charts, level 3 MB L3 cache per processor.


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