Thursday, 29 September 2011

HP Pavilion dv6t Review, Specs and Features

HP Pavilion dv6t

And 'Always Showtime dv6t HP Pavilion. Organized by the Center for i5 Intel's second generation with 6 GB of RAM, 640 GB 7200 rpm and AMD graphics switching, this 15.6-inch notebook with no problem streaming HD video, play your favorite games, music and looks good. Polished and adding audio to beat the best in entertainment.

Inspired by the modern sports car, the dark shadow of HP Pavilion dv6t elegance. Brushed aluminum really attracted little influence in the best sense of the hinge. The sides of the cells are wrapped in a dull gray aluminum, while the base is made of black plastic. Our only complaint dv6t fingerprints.

After 15 minutes of video, we heard from Hulu in full-screen, touchpad dv6t legal action 84 degrees Celsius. The distance between the keys G and H was a bit 'hotter than 92 degrees. The bottom of the laptop registered 99 degrees, which is above what we consider to be unpleasant (95 degrees), but is typical of the basic specifications. The hottest spot dv6t through the hole at the bottom, destabilizing a registered trademark of 107 degrees.

Organized by second-generation 2.3-GHz Intel Core i5-2410M with 6 GB of RAM and 640 GB, 7200 RPM dv6t solid multimedia machine. 6673 laptop computer placed on the PC Mark Vantage tests, better than both the 5550 and ASUS K53E middle-class score of 15 Dell XPS 5729, most recently, the worst 8548, but the system is configured with the most expensive quad-core Core i7.

In daily use, treatment Pavilion dv6t multitask with ease, streaming video from Hulu, while a full system scan, 12 cards to run Google Chrome, the eight cards in Internet Explorer and Plants vs. Zombies Thurs.

Although the speed of the hard disk drive in Windows 7200 dv6t 7 Ultra slow 72 seconds, starting with seven seconds slower than the average. The best thing K53E, measured in 70 seconds. LAPTOP Transfer Test dv6t saved files (4.97GB folder of mixed game average), and only 2 minutes 49 seconds for the transfer rate 30.1 Mbps Proposed 3.17 (26.8 s), the category of portable media and K53E of 2:53 (29.4 Mbps).


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