Friday, 30 September 2011

Toshiba Satellite T135 Review, Specs and Features

Toshiba Satellite T135

Toshiba Satellite T135 series is very popular thin and light notebook 13 inch, available in various configurations. We have checked with Intel inside T135, T135D but recent dual-core processors AMD and ATI? T135D T135 AMD has with Intel over 100 less? We need to find more details.

Toshiba laptops are very stylish T135 series, as in the previous 13-inch Toshiba laptop, but much thinner and lighter chassis. Toshiba brings the profile only a fraction of an inch thick on the side of the laptop's USB port, even if it is in large part by reducing things like Express Card slot and optical drive. For the average user, this handset features all the standard computer - high-definition video processor, a full keyboard and dual-core - no, but most of the material. Black is good in our T135D, very red outside T135 Intel a good change. Toshiba offers a variety of color combinations notebook, so if I do not think black is beautiful, there are many other ways to buy.

The quality of construction, both Intel and AMD versions of the T135 series laptop is very good, although very thin. In fact, outside T135D T135 is identical except the sticker on the wrist exerior AMD. In contrast to the thin and light notebooks we've tested from other companies, Flex and grinding of metal and plastic on the T135D minimum instead of a hard disk, you can protect important. Cover the screen feels durable, even if it appears beside a small problem with flex hinges.

In any case, beyond the usual use and abuse in a backpack or briefcase T135D clear in the school office. Shiny surface of the body does most of the risk, but you need to constantly clean the stains and fingerprints, if your computer like new. Imprint on the lid and palm rests a good job hiding the traces of the small, but sooner or later find a microfiber cloth.


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