Friday, 30 September 2011

Compaq Presario V2000 Review, Specification and Features

Compaq Presario V2000

As a busy medical student, it is easy to carry in your pocket, and my laptop does not want people looking at me. I do not need expensive, top-of-the-line machine is in high demand games and applications. I have a computer to write e-mail, browsing web pages, documents, writing, creating PowerPoint presentations, working with Excel spreadsheets, syncing PDAs with DVD movies, listening to music. My new computer has a built-in wireless card, DVD-ROM drive, battery life, audio output, headphones or external speakers, and USB ports. The main feature is that the price may be a student.

I was ready for some features to keep prices below $ 1000. I thought of several popular computer models, including Dell, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, and IBM ThinkPad. Most of these brands together with price tags, which makes them a little 'beyond my reach. Even though I knew that Hewlett Packard and Compaq Computer were available, the brands have heavy, bulky laptop. In a few weeks looking for affordable computers, the requirements, I discovered, Compaq Presario V2000, Hewlett Packard cousin, DV1000.

I checked two models in the local store. I was surprised to see the names of HP and Compaq laptop computers smaller and more compact. There was a lot written about the similarities and differences between the two computers. For my needs, I only saw clear benefits in Quickplay DV1000 V2000 is a feature that allows you to watch movies or listen to CDs without a full boot of Windows is not. Because I could not see me with this feature often, I decided on a little 'less Compaq V2000, which, like, buy a Presario in the Internet market, where you go model.

V2000 is a well designed and finished. The interior is top of the notebook, silver and base are made of black plastic. Specific weight of 5.21 kg and the dimensions are displayed as 13.15 cm x 9.1 cm I was pleasantly surprised when I took - the computer seems to be much more difficult than in the east. The large screen allows for a very functional screen size, not too big and heavy on the computer. The thickness of the computer is higher than the rear (1.53 inches) in front (1.29 inches). This keyboard has a small upward angle, which turns out to be convenient and ergonomic features. But it may seem strange, if you ignore the first notice to quit, and the top is flat.

There are two options on the V2000 Battery: 6-cell lithium ion or lithium-ion cells, 12 As I have tried to reduce the cost and weight to minimize the computer, I ordered V2000 6-cell battery. With daily use, I have almost three hours with 6 cell. This has worked well for my needs. I mainly use the computer at home, from home, schools, libraries and cafes. Why can not I seem to be far away from power, the duration of the 6-cell battery has worked well for me. But for those who need greater autonomy and not have to worry about something more important, perhaps V2000 12-cell battery (instead of 6 cells) can be ordered for $ 25 more.


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