Friday, 30 September 2011

LG P420-N.AE21G Review, Specs and Price

LG P420-N.AE21G

I have not heard much of the South Korean producer for a long time. LG tries to return to the notebook market. The beginning of the first device, the LG P420 N.AE21G.

At first glance, Apple's portable products, as it is - like many others - the majority of white plastic. LG makes a 14-inch screen, in this book. There was nothing special about them. However, the range is about 40 percent thinner than comparable laptops.

Therefore, P420, often, only 25.9 mm thick. In addition, 14-inch screen is almost close to draw the border. LG has a larger screen, for a width of only 33.3 cm, the list of the last;. Portable, it seems that the device class of 13 inches.

I5-2410M is active in N.AE21G P420. And with the latest generation of dual-core Sandy Bridge and 2.3 GHz clock is also integrated Intel GMA 3000, entry-level NVIDIA GeForce GT 520, put the video special. The LG P420 notebook has 4 GB of DDR3 memory module and the 2.5-inch hard drive (gross) area of ​​500 GBS.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system used in this book. LG has a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Gigabit LAN for communication problems. UMTS/3G module is installed. LG suggested retail price of 800 €.

Intel Dual-Core is based on the LG 420 N.AE21G installed. I5-2410M is the key and can be used at 2.3 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache. The memory controller and high-definition graphics are also included in the CPU. Intel Core i5-2410M includes the second generation, also known as Sandy Bridge known.

The processor is based on two processor cores and can support up to four segments of this process for Hyper-Threading. Basic dynamics of the CPU clock is raised to 2.9 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost - assuming that the processor is cool. The chip is a 32-nm process, Intel and the loss of power 35 watts. I5-2410M important use, in this case the laptop with a screen 14 inches for office and multimedia industry.

We tested the possible problems of delay, which together because of errors in synchronization with the external device, the DPC Latency Checker. All evaluations were in the green zone, as shown on the screen. It can also be restrictive, especially in audio or video, can not be predicted. We i5-2410M performance, these programs and Maxon Cinebench R10 to R11.5 investigated. 3713 Result (32 bits) is 4580 points (64 bits) was one of the core. These results are slightly above average for notebooks tested on the same processor. For example, Toshiba Tecra R850-11P (32-bit: 3673, 64-bit: 4521) or MSI CX640 (32-bit: 3570, 64-bit: 4502).

LG has a new record of 2.31 does not have points in Cinebench 11.5, but the points were at the expected level. LG P420 gained 6296 points in the PCMark Vantage benchmark is 64 and in the middle of the field. PCMark 1745 results of seven points, which is slightly below average. ASUS U30SD reaches 1772 points. Small 13.3-inch laptop, Lenovo IdeaPad M5657GE-Z370 is also able to acquire, or 2189 in this reference.


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