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Samsung Series 7 Laptops

Samsung Series 7 Laptops Preview

Samsung Series 7 Laptops

Some people consider thin and thick as a name of game when they talk about mobile computing, but there are ample people who want a full-featured mobile. Samsung’s Series 7 Chronos is just like a PC stuffing an optical hard drive, number pad, discrete animated just below a steel aluminum façade; although it might be similar to the MacBook Pro, operating windows 7.

The Chronos contain a slot-loading DVD –RW disk drive and a sole USB 2.0 port exactly on its right edge. You will find the packaging of Chronos just like high-end kitchen gadgets экскурсии в Санкт-Петербурге на теплоходе. Just move on to the left-hand side, a mini-VGA, HDMI and binary USB 3.0 slots coupled with a Kensington lock, 3.5mm microphone jack port and a hinged RJ45 connector. A full-sized Ethernet connector is supported by juncture slot regardless of the laptop’s scrawny shape. In our opinion, it’s an exotic package, especially when you are looking for the luxurious look of steel metal without gaining extra weight.
Samsung Series 7 Side

Display Samsung Series 7

You will find the world’s thinnest quad core PC, in form of a stunning stainless steel chassis incorporated with ultra-thin LED –backlit LCS screen. Exclusive technologies like Fast Start ad Super Bright is used to incorporate a notebook for the folks who cannot compromise. Glare screen of Samsung is not really a dilemma as Samsung has trapped the consumers by using a matt-ended LCD. Its viewing angles are little ordinary since LCD screen cleans out while moving the LCD from one angle to different angle.
Samsung Series 7 Laptops

Performance Samsung Series 7

Sound system is equipped with two 1.5 watt speakers and a high-quality woofer. Sound replication is quite decent as the mid and high volumes of Freddy Mercury’s lyrical are styled like Queen on flames. A grid of backlit buttons and well managed num pad give a nice look to the Series 7. Typing on the pad is a fun as Chiclets are available at the relaxed area of sound system enabling you to enjoy nice and longer chuck with every single key press.

In a normal course of business, the Series 7 works great, allowing you to perform multi tasks easily. Its sound never slows down while performing multiple tasks like HD You Tube videos, multiple chat clients even if you have opened 15or more tabs I Chrome. While working on word processor and browsing on different websites, laptop didn’t get warmed up past lukewarm.

It seems that quad-core; svelte notebook is just ready to overflow the mainstream market with the 15.6-inch Samsung Series 7 laptop. Come up to place early orders for best buying. Cost of the Sammy’s 4G WiMAX enriched is just $880 loosed down from $1000 price tag, particularly for design conscious folks.
Samsung Series 7 Laptops Back


Processor Intel Core i7-2670QM
Screen size17.3in
Dimensions410 x 285 x 84mm WDH
Resolution1920 x 1080
Resolution screen horizontal 1,920
Resolution screen vertical 1,080
3D performance (crysis) low settings135fps
Travelling weight5.0kg
Motherboard chipset Intel HM65 Express
Graphics chipset AMD Radeon
RAM capacity8.00GB
Battery life, light use2hr 50min
Battery life, heavy use1hr 8min
HD 6970MVGA (D-SUB) outputs1
HDMI outputs1


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