Saturday, 11 August 2012

Alienware M11x

Alienware M11x general information

When we talk about Alienware M11x, we find it the high-performance deal that always provides rapid and powerful features. Dell’s brand has offered the distinct grill with respect to ultimate performance and sophisticated gaming substitutes, and M11x laptop carries nothing new and different. No doubt, it is a laptop for game playing. Some time ago, there were not so many options available with regards to such components, but with the passage of time, their demand is growing.
Before placing your order you must be check out special discounts offered by Alienware M11x. Recognize your personalization options and discover how you can upgrade and customize your model without spending extra penny. You can find numerous coupon offers available for economical deals.


You will find very neat and focused bright light and featured Sci-Fi fine points while using Alienware M11x. You will have choices between Cosmic Black and Lunar Silver. Battery lying inside of the case along with 8-cell and this iconic battery is really not easy to remove. You will have to go for upgrading or possibly for replacement in either way.
Well, do you think that 1.3GHz Core 2 Duo as well as portable NVIDIA’s GT335M GPU contains that much efficiency and brake horse power to make your M11x a reliable system? The figures reveal the story; having GT335 switched-off, the Alienware M11x delivers all its excellence just like other ULV laptops equipped with incorporated GMA graphics, marking as PCMarkVantage 3 scores of 2698 with 3DMark 06 scores of 654. Quite stunning effect can be experienced on turning GT335M as it boosts up the PCMarkVantage 3 scores to 3141 and 3DMark 06 scores to 5593.


Alienware M11x is not only similar to ALV in performance, but also have similar battery life when we use integrated GMA4500HD graphics: its video rundown trial reaches to 4.5 hours that is almost an average range. However, folds on NVIDIA GPU as well as other things alter more quickly-------the followers triggered up right away whenever we replaced graphics and if the user notices the increased heat outcome system. We were not in a position to examine the life of battery to accomplish that GPU on, but suddenly we notice that meter start running quite faster. We were expecting not more than 2 ½ or 3hours usage with NVIDIA microchip live. Regarding the keyboard coupled with track pad, they are constructed implicitly. While typing from the keyboard of Alienware M11x you will never notice that curved keys are restrained.


Processor Intel’s Primary 2 Duo (1.3 GHz/ SU 7300)
Graphics NVIDIA (1 GB GDDR3) graphics GeForce GT 335 M
Display 11.6" Liquid crystal 1366×768 display
HDD Up to 400 GB 4 or the 256 GB hard drive solid express
RAM 8 GB DDR3 (1066 MHz)
WLAN Wi-fi 02.11 and interior WWAN optional
Battery Up to 6 ½ battery life
Up to 2 hours of the down and the dirty gaming while running on battery
Ports 3 USB ports HDMI / VGA / FireWire


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