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Lenovo B470 Notebook Review, Specs and Price

Lenovo B470

Lenovo important; B470 laptop has decent performance for small and medium-term, with a portable form factor of 14 cm. B470 offers Intel dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM, fingerprint reader, and both Intel and Nvidia HD. The system also offers excellent mobile 6 hours.

The new B470, design, laptop contains the basic structure of the matte black plastic with horizontal lines on the screen. The cover has rounded corners are covered with shiny plastic screen. The project is very simple and modest, which is great because it's portable, background, business.

Design element in the planning of other business notebooks, the environment shiny plastic (s) on the screen can do. Clarity also collect fingerprints and dirt. Plastics are used in the show in the lower corners, where the curve inside, even if the answer does not the LCD. Coverage but not as strong as it should, which helps in aluminum, small and brushed. Screen hinges on the fact that the average in its place, but it is very simple and small screen, harder to bend forward bending.

In the metal under the keyboard is hard to remember the keyboard flexes under the pressure of moving from IBM high-quality center of the building to help others. At the bottom of a plastic pad construction standard laptop, a very strong frame. Remove the five screws to open the memory slot to update the SIM card (some models), and HDD backplane PCI Express Mini Card slot. The workmanship is above average. Claims must show hinges on the table in half, folding plastic easily and clearly and use the entire screen (which is quite unusual for a business notebook) pages. The project is small and very normal, which is good for its class and its purpose.

Lenovo B470 shop is gone with the Intel Core i5-2410M dual-core processor, 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz NVIDIA GeForce and battery life with Intel HD-410M features. Our device is 500 GB hard drive at a speed determined by the Hitachi 5400 is a fast processor and large amount of memory is sufficient, and if we work together, are good for multi-tasking software, career, office and a light wind.

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