Friday, 30 September 2011

Fujitsu LifeBook E751 Specs, Review and Features

Fujitsu LifeBook E751

First-class newcomers Fujitsu Lifebook E751 vPro / UMTS standard 15.6 inches. Second-generation dual-core Intel i7 2620m, in the heart of the sand runs on 2.7 GHz Intel Bridge HD 3000 GPU-based visualization performs the task. In addition, laptop anti-glare 15.6-inch (39.6 cm) with a higher resolution 1600x900 pixels receiving standard monitor.

As usual for laptops, offers Lifebook E751 WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G modem power internally. You will find the SIM card already - the trick is to use the support of (O2) in the first month of registration. There is also a docking station and secondary offering. This is useful because you can go out and work. Approximately 1 kg (450 g), no additional amount is not the way to your home or office is not.

The docking station offers more connections to batteries and accumulators at the same time. In addition, the portable sports 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB of RAM and a DVD burner. The level of equipment, Fujitsu Lifebook E751 vPro / UMTS up to € 1350.

LifeBook E751 vPro / UMTS is equipped with a bridge of sand, the Intel Core i7 2620m with 4 MB Level 3 cache. This dual-core processor has 624 million transistors on 149 mm ², with 32 nm high-k Intel technology. Thank you for supporting Hyper-Threading capable of handling four simultaneous threats. Operation at 2.7 GHz, 3.4 GHz single-core overclocking turbo, if necessary, a sufficient cooling system maintains thermal envelope. Intel is also DirectX 10 capable GPU HD 3000 and the memory controller integrated into the processor.

Synchronization error in user interfaces are not recognized by the software DPC Latency Checker. As the images show that no action was taken by a red bar, so you do not have to worry about restrictions in the field of sound and image processing. In Cinebench R10 Rendering Single (64 bit) for Lifebook E751 4684 ended in points. In Cinebench R10 Rendering (64 bit) reference Fujitsu has won a number of 11,135 points, good results. Cinebench to 11.5 (64-bit processor design), it seems no worse than 3.0 points.

PCMark Vantage system, there is a reference to 6790, was in the mid-range notebook with Core i7 2620m tested so far. LIFEBOOK E751 is part of Acer HP EliteBook 8460p 8573TG TimelineX and performance of our lists. Recently benchmark tool PCMark 7 Our review of the system is marked 2195 and is located between the EliteBook 8460p and HP TravelMate TimelineX 8573TG found.


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