Trogir is one of the most historic...

...and most uniqe towns in Split region...

...its beauty is second to none... charter a yacht and visit it!

Most Popular Yachting Locations near Trogir

Historic monuments

When visiting this historic city of Trogir, one must definitely take time to explore its monuments. Since Trogir is like a museum itself, it is filled with some of the most breathtaking fortresses in Croatia. The fortress Kamarlengo, which was built in mid 15th century by the Republic of Venice, and now days used as a location for performances during the summer months. In Trogir there are also the Duke´s palace, the historical city core, with about 10 churches and numerous buildings from 13th century, the Cathedral with the Portal of Master Radovan, the city gate with city wall´s and much more. Sailing in Trogir marks a perfect vacation for history lovers and explorers who have a thing for old historical destinations.


Famous Krknjaši anchorage is located just 7 nm from old town Trogir, between islands. Amazing turquoise blue color of the sea and wild nature makes this place hard to resist, and along beautiful beaches and shallow sandy sea bed makes it one of the most popular bays in Adriatic sea. In summer time, lot of boats anchors here, but it still stays quiet and intimate sailing destination. Krknjaši cove, located on the Drvenik island, surrounded with Veli Krknjaš and Mali Krknjaš islets, is known as a real tropical lagoon. It is not far away from land but a world away from mainstream tourism. This peaceful paradise near Trogir is well known to yachtsmen and captains of mega yachts who love to cruise these unspoiled waters and enjoy the secluded beaches.