An island with many beautiful beaches...

...hidden bays and coves... island yachtsmen simply can´t stay away from... island where anything can happen - Šolta!

Why choose Šolta for your sailing holidays


Maslinica is the only village on the island of Šolta situated in a bay on the west coast of the island. Maslenica is special because of its rare beauty and unspoiled nature. Yachtsmen who decide to sail in Maslinica are bound to be amazed by a picturesque bay surrounded by a pine forest from the south. The main reason why Maslinica is such a great sailing destination is because of its hidden cove Šešula and seven little islands which make one of the most interesting archipelagos for exploring from aboard a yacht or a catamaran. The biggest and most famous of those seven islands, Stipanska, has many old historic ruins which visitors can explore. Polebrnjak, Saskinja, Grmej, Rudula, Balkun and hrid Kamičić are the names of other six islands that make this unique archipelago.


Village of Stomorska is an ideal destination for yachtsmen who are tired of big cities and towns with many people. This old fashion village is known in Split sailing region for offering peaceful and relaxing vacation to its visitors, and nothing but tranquility. Stomorska offers a certain charm of an old fashion fishing place, with vibrant waterfront, beaches that are not spoiled by human hand, and a sight of fishing men who work hard day in and day out so that there would be fresh fish in restaurants. Stomorska is also a magnificent destination for taking long and romantic walks with your loved ones, and for those who are in search of more activities they can do in pares, there are diving and tennis available in Stomorska, as well as a few bars for escaping the warm sun.