Brač is a one of a kind sailing destination...

...that offers an amazing beaches...

...and numerous coves and bays... visiting yachtsmen from all over the world!

Places to visit while sailing in Brač area

Lučice cove

The island of Brač is well known amongst yachtsmen as an island where people go to enjoy diving. The favorite cove amongst those who sail around this part of the Brač coastline is the Lučice cove, because it is a great place for diving. Lučice cove is interesting for divers because of its cave on the western part of the cove.  Entrance to underwater cave is situated toward the entrance in the bay, just at five meters depth and very near to the coast. It has two separated entrances, and two scuba divers can pass there at the same time. Along the sandy floor and the dense pine forest, the sea in Lučice has an exquisite sky-blue color that simply invites visitors for a swim. Lučice cove is a must see and experience destination for all who sail near Brač.


Supetar is the biggest town on the island of Brač, and also an excellent starting point for exploring this beautiful, diverse and very interesting island. Yachtsmen who visit Supetar say that this town is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday, because it offers numerous different things to experience while docking there. From a rich night life, to many historical monuments, great restaurants and bars, Supetar has it all. The most important sight and pride of Supetar is Ivan Rendić , its most famous artist and a man who is considered the father of modern Croatian sculpture. His beautiful memorial collection can be found in Ivan Rendić Gallery. Supetar is also known amongst yachtsmen who were there, as a town with spectacular beaches.