Primošten is a perfect sailing destination...

...for yachtsmen who love a great night life...

...and beautiful beaches along with sailing... charter a yacht and set your sails to Primošten!

Yachting Destinations near Primošten

Night life

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Primošten, is the biggest club in Dalmatia - the “Aurora”. This amazing club is situated at the entrance of Primošten, and throughout the years, it has become a home to many world known DJ´s who perform there during the summer. Primošten is a wonderful destination for younger generations who want to escape their everyday routines, and experience some wild nights out. Those who like more relaxing ways of spending their nights, Primošten offers Fisherman’s evenings and various local food which is barbecued on every corner. Numerous guests of Primošten enjoy genuine Dalmatian atmosphere with wine and song, which are one of Primošten specialties.


Primoštenis a destination with long pebble beaches and beautiful promenade surrounded by old town wall´s. One of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in Primošten is the Raduča beach, better known as Mala Raduča. Pebbles on the beach in Mala Raduča bay are quite big, but tourists who visit Primošten seem to like them that way. In the water, when approaching the sea, there are big rocks which give Primošten that one extra dose of uniqueness when comparing it to other sailing destinations from that region. The sea is really clear and it has a wonderful deep blue color. Every beach in Primošten has free showers and a few bars where tourists can escape the warm sun and just relax.