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What to visit on sailing vacation in Makarska


Brela is a small tourist resort located on the Makarska Riviera. Brela municipality consists of two locations: Brela and Gornja Brela. Brela consists of a few small hamlets on both sides of the main road, while Gornja Brela is situated in the hinterland of Biokovo. Brela is a remarkable sailing destination in Makarska region, so the yachtsmen who decide to visit Brela, can enjoy the crystalline sea, six kilometers of natural sandy beaches and the scent of the thick pine tree forest. Nowadays, Brela continues its long tradition of offering its tourists comfortable accommodation and hospitality of their residents, old Dalmatian cuisine, wines, song, and amusement. Yachtsmen from all over the world love to make Brela their stopping point while cruising in Makarska region.


The main reason why Makarska is such a famous sailing and tourist destination in Croatia, is its rich night life offer. Younger generations are drawn to Makarska because there they can chose from variety of night clubs and beach bars. The most famous night club in Makarska is Grotta, which is also the oldest club in that region. Grotta is situated at the top of peninsula Sv. Petar, and it consist of two levels. On the upper level, there is a terrace on a big rock, from where the whole Makarska can be seen. The lover level is inside the cave which used to be a hiding place for small submarines and ships in World War Two. Grotta is a club where many famous DJś come to perform during summer months. Besides Grotta, yachtsmen can also visit clubs like Petar Pan, Tramuntana or Deep.