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Top Sailing Destinations in Kaštela Area

7 Kaštela´s

The town of Kaštela is specific and very interesting yachting destination in Croatia, because of the fact that it developed around 7 settlements or around castles known among natives and tourists as the 7 Kaštela´s. Kaštel Gomilica, which was built in the first half of the 16th century by Benedictine nuns from Split. Kaštel Kambelovac, which was built by the aristocratic family from Split. Kaštel Lukšić, which was built as a castle in 15th century. Kaštel Novi which name symbolically means New Castle. Kaštel Stari, or Old Castle. Kaštel Sućurac, which is the first of 7 Kastel´s when coming from the East, and the Kaštel Štafilić, the castle of Štafilić family built in the beginning of 16th century.

Vitturi Castle

Vitturi Castle is a 15th-century castle in Kaštel Lukšić, a town within the administrative area of Kaštela in Dalmatia, Croatia. Known as arguable the most amazing castle in the whole Kaštela area, this castle is a must see monument when sailing near Kaštela region. Vitturi Castle was built by the aristocratic family Vitturi from Trogir, in the style of a luxurious renaissance palace. It is consisted of a residential building and two defense towers and it was connected to the mainland with a drawbridge, which was replaced with a stone bridge in 18th century. There is also a beautiful park near the castle. Today, the Vitturi Castle is the cultural centre of Kaštel Lukšić, and a place where numerous exhibitions, concerts and plays are held.