With a Split Sailing Yachts Charter you will see places you have never imagined...

...you will feel a taste of Central Dalmatia...

...you will feel the sun bathing your skin...

...and most favourable winds cooling you down.

Advice on Sailing Yacht Charter in Split Area

Costs of renting a sailing boat

Sailing Charter Costs

Sailing costs encompass numerous things apart from renting a boat and they depend upon many different factors. Price of the vessel rent refers to weekly rent (usually from Saturday to Saturday) and depends on the vessel type, year of built and the period of sailing. If you decide to rent a skippered or crewed boat, there are extra fees to be paid for each member of the crew - skipper, cook, hostess, including their food and drinks. Other costs include: final cleaning of the boat, transit log, marine fuel, the refundable insurance deposit, mooring fees. There is also some additional equipment that requires extra cost - an outboard dinghy engine, sails, safety net, extra fee for pets, participation in regattas, etc.

Sailing with a pet

Taking a Pet on a Charter Yacht

Taking a pet, most commonly a dog on a charter yacht is very common. You need to have several things in mind: be sure to have proper documentation for your pet, your pet should be microchipped and timely vaccinated and you should check quarantine laws of the country you plan to visit. If you are taking your pet sailing for the first time, it may be scared and can panic. Pets can also get sunburnt so take a pet-friendly sunscreen and make sure there is enough shade and water. Also, get sea-sickness medication for your pet - some used for humans also work for animals but you should consult your vet. Pets aboard charter yacht do not have many options when toilet training comes to question - get a piece of Astro Turf or a cat litter box.

More information on sailing yacht charters

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