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Why Charter a Catamaran in Split?

Sailing catamaran around Split

Benefits of Sailing on a Catamaran in Split Area

Catamarans are very popular with sailors due to their great stability - they rarely heel more than 5 degrees; space on the boat - they have separate hulls with separate cabins that allows for more privacy and significant safety - they need no ballast and you cannot overcrowd them. They can be sail or engine-powered, with two engines, one in each hull. Modern catamarans sail windward as much as 25% faster, while off the wind it can go 75% to 100% faster than a monohull.

Catamarans can be maneuvered easily and can anchor in very shallow waters because they have a very shallow draft. Their panoramic view from the cockpit is breathtaking.

Catamaran for charter

Choosing a right Catamaran

When choosing a right charter catamaran, you should first take into consideration  the number of persons aboard. Another thing you have to keep in mind when choosing charter catamaran is the sailing performance. Catamarans do not rock about in the water, and there is no fear of getting seasick.

Your budget is also another thing to consider when choosing a suitable charter catamaran. Consider which extra amenities and activities you need since they add to your overall costs. Do not forget the provisioning. Food also adds up to sailing cost.

If you charter a crewed catamaran, do not forget that each member of the crew makes up an extra cost and you should provide for their meals.

All about catamaran charters

If you are interested in catamaran yachts, we offer you additional information on our specialized page dedicated to Sailing Catamaran Yachts. Find out why a catamaran is a great sailing option, how to select the perfect one, what the types and popular brands are and what top spots to visit aboard a catamaran yacht. Make an informed decision for the best sailing vacation ever!